Business Risk Intelligence
for Emerging Markets
Arcturus provides tailored, actionable business risk intelligence to corporate decision makers working in emerging markets.

We deliver these insights through our software platform, Orion. Designed by intelligence veterans and powered by a patent-pending artificial intelligence, Orion empowers the world’s leading organizations to expand and operate with confidence in emerging markets by discovering and forecasting risks to their most important assets.

We currently support firms working in the Republic of South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.
We empower our partners to operate with confidence in emerging markets. Orion tailors itself to your organization's footprint across Sub-Saharan Africa, and discovers the physical risks facing the things you care about most, such as your property, operations and employees. Orion then provides decision makers with a clear picture of how these risks stand to affect their profitability, reputation, and chances of project success.
Join a diverse team of professionals dedicated to unlocking emerging markets. If you’re passionate about cutting-edge technologies, building something new, or international business, please reach out regarding one of the listed positions here.

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